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The 1st Corrector I sold was to a Roper with a withered & seasoned horse. After buying a custom saddle on a custom-fitted tree, his horse still couldn't work for long at a time. He bought the Corrector and it  stopped his horse's saddle-fitting problems. That was Jan. 2003, north Missouri.
Below, a few Roper's stories and how the CorrecTOR & Envelope SaddlePad fixed their sore backed horses and saddle problems.
I can't publicly disclose all of the professional Ropers that have bought the
Corrector. They are on contract and can't just come out and endorse something without it being included in the Contract. Just look for that Turquoise & gold diamond on the rear corner of the Supreme Comfort Roper ENVELOPE PAD on RFD or the team roping winners of the 2007 NFR in Vegas. Almost every month in Spin To Win Rodeo or Super Looper, you'll see articles with pictures of the SCRE Pad with that Turquoise Diamond at the rear corner. thanks, Len
Aug. 27, 2006
Gidday  Len,  
Well I thought I would give you some feedback on the corrector pad I purchased for my 12 yrar old Australian QH calf roping horse, Jack. His conformation has been a curse and a windfall. He has great speed and agility from being shortbacked, powerful in the hindquarters though a little down hill. Unfortunately this has created many wither and lower back problems due to bridging. Even a custom made saddle, many different air ride, gel filled saddle pads have failed to fix the problem. Nor could Ffatwork,  rounding  him up or trotting poles fix his conformation.
I am very pleased to say the Corrector pad has worked; he has become a different horse, even packing more speed, agility and stopping power.
My daughter also barrel reces him and she was very happy to see him taking seconds off her barrel run today.
Many thanks for your help and quick delivery of the pad. 
Glen Potter, Officer in charge of the Western Australia
Police Mounted Section
Bullsbrook, Western Australia
Nov. 04, 2009 
Hi Len, I am currently 2 positions off making the NFR at TAMWORTH this year. With a new Partner I hipe to squeeze back to top 15.
Brian McMurtrey, Pine Bluff, AR.
    My horse was always a hard ride. I ordered the Corrector to
try & keep the saddle in place better. Right away I could see a
big difference in my horse. I never knew the saddle was bothering
him that much, the change has been amazing. He's like a different
horse. Thanks
Robert L Yee, Las Vegas, NM.
    His horse wasn't doing it's job and he knew it wasn't just the
Horse. After getting the Corrector with the Navajo Envelope his horse turned
around and started acting like the horse he used to be. Robert called me and said he and his pardner had qualified for Vegas. He then ordered a new Supreme Comfort Roper Envelope Pad for his Corrector.
Troy Perkins, Pendleton, OR.
   "I took 4 good horses that belonged to 4 experience ropers, and I used the CorrecTOR and Envelope with each one. I saw Consistent Physical improvement & mental willingness in every one of these horses.  If you've got a good horse and want to make it better, I recommend the CorrecTOR".   Troy
Karry's Story on the Corrector Pad
  I own a 11 year old gelding heel horse. He was rough to ride, and he didn't want to to run to the cattle. He was nervous, and stopped on his front end. He is a little downhill on the front end.
     A year ago I ordered a corrector pad, Roper Supreme E pad and Shims. He has calmed down considerably. He now runs to the cattle willingly, is a lot smoother to ride and has a very good stop on his rear end. A completely changed horse.
     I also have another horse that has a good confirmation. The saddle fit good and he is a very willing horse. I have used a gel pad on him for 2 years. All things were good, I thought. Then he started tostop on his front, if I let him. A couple of weeks ago I went to a jackpot, and only took him. I decided for the first time I would use the Corrector pad on him. I noticed a change immediately when I started warming up. He was very free in the front end and would get his rear down in the ground when asked to stop. My roping saddle and gel pad must have been restricting him, a small amount for a long time.
     Bright and early on Monday morning I phoned len and ordered another Corrector pad , shims and Supreme Roper Pad. I can't wait till it comes, so I can have a pad for both horses to use at once. I will be good I know.
    Karry Bengtson, Chauvin, Alberta, Canada.  
Len, I just wanted to let you know that I am more than pleased with the CorrecTOR Saddle Pad that I purchased from you.  The CorrecTOR has improved my heading horse's performance by 100%.  The horse that I purchased the CorrecTOR for has had a history of neck problems.  He has had several chiropractic adjustments over the last year and a half.  The adjustments would help his performance, but he would soon be out of alignment again.  My veteranarian could not find any lameness that would contribute to this problem.  He has always said this horse is extremely sound for a 14-yr-old performance horse. Since purchasing the CorrecTOR I have found his performance seems to improve every time we rope a steer and hopefully there will be no more adjustments.  He is more relaxed, more comfortable and is handling cattle better than ever.
  Brent Bennett of Walker, Lousiana
Hi Len, it's Pat Schlaich.  We have the Chestnut mare that had the roaning with the new $2000 saddle and the CorrecTOR totally handled the problem.  Thank you again for this wonderful invention.  It just puts my mind at ease that we are doing the right thing for our horses by using the CorrecTOR every time we go out.
Pat and Dave Schlaich, Glendale, California
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